Inspection, monitoring and quality control of the works for the installation of rigid catenary and actions associated with the tunnel consolidation on Line 1 of Metro de Madrid.




Technical Assistance





Line 1 of Metro de Madrid, the oldest line in the city, was built in 1919 and connects to seven other lines (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10), crossing the city of Madrid from north to south. To ensure safety, increase quality of service, and reduce incidents, in May 2016, Metro de Madrid began a comprehensive overhaul of the 13.5 kilometers of Line that connect the 25 stations. The tunnel is being reinforced with injected cement and special shotcrete application, in addition to replacing the conventional catenary with a much more modern rigid system.

Inse Rail is providing the Technical Assistance to the Project Management (Metro de Madrid) for the installation of rigid catenary and associated actions on Line 1. The services that it is providing include the coordination of the work for the different subsystems with Metro de Madrid, inspection of the supply and installation of the project's temporary power supply, inspection of the system for the implementation of the installations, ongoing monitoring of the planning and risks associated with the project, verification of the protection of elements that may be damaged during the project, laying out of the installations, and final verification, testing, and as-built documentation.

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