Basic and detailed project for the Electrification of the Yerkoy-Sivas High Speed Line. (Turkey)




Detailed engineering





The ambitious interconnection plan promoted by Turkey's Ministry of Transportation and Communications includes the 466 km High Speed Line that will connect the cities of Ankara and Sivas.

For this line, Inse Rail is preparing the basic and detailed engineering projects for the overhead contact line electrification of the section between the cities of Yerkoi and Sivas, with 245 km of double track, and 6 stations (Yerkoy, Yozgat, Sorgan, Akdag Madeni, Yildizeli, Sivas).

The electrification system to be implemented on the 1 x 25 kV line, fed from 4 traction electrical substations.

The catenary design will be suitable for speeds up to 350 km/h.

The main work involved in the basic engineering is the selection of the electrification system, selection of the catenary to be installed, the mechanical and electrical calculations of the overhead contact line, dynamic calculations, and study of electromagnetic disturbances. This stage will also define the electrical schematic and the designs of the assemblies and parts of the catenary to be installed.

The main detailed engineering work includes the preparation of the survey books, installation books, graphic representation of the electrification survey, taking into account the spans, section division, type of electrification elements (foundations, masts, brackets, protection, etc.) in periodic and planned deliveries of the 245 km of catenary to be installed.

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