Construction project for the standard-gauge connection between the La Llagosta multimodal platform (Barcelona) and the Mediterranean Corridor. Platform, Track, and Electrification.




Construction Project





The contract covers the preparation of the functional and construction projects to strengthen the Barcelona logistics center as a strategic point of freight transport.

Inse Rail, in a Joint Venture with the company Esteyco, will prepare the functional project, which will define the arrangement of the different solutions for connection to the Mediterranean Corridor and the functional development of the Llagosta multimodal platform, modifying and adapting it to European standards for handling freight trains.

It also includes the preparation of a construction project to define the actions to be carried out in regard to the platform, track, and electrification, and which will include the standard-gauge connection between the multimodal platform and the Mediterranean Corridor from the high-speed line viaduct - direction Llagosta-French border and vice-versa - located in the area of the Mollet Interchange.

The construction project will also cover the adaptation of the track connecting the logistics platform and the Mollet-El Papiol line from the Mollet Split to dual gauge, as well as the remodeling of the La Llagosta railway terminal, which, based on the results of the functional study, will include the necessary installations to allow the handling of standard-gauge trains.

The total deadline specified in the contract is twenty-six months for the preparation of the project, although the functional study must be delivered in the first six months.

This project is aimed at reinforcing the La Llagosta installation, located approximately fifteen kilometers to the north of Barcelona, in an area connected to high-capacity railway networks and with intensive industrial activity, and that is currently mainly dedicated to automobile traffic.

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