Inventory of asbestos and asbestos derivatives in lines, dependencies, and installations of the Barcelona Metro Network


Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona







The object of the Inse Rail project is the prospecting, location, and practical identification of material with asbestos fibers and asbestos derivatives, in order to generate an inventory and diagnosis of the elements that are visible in the installations and dependencies of the Barcelona Metro Network, and to estimate the potential presence of hidden asbestos.  All for the purpose of preparing a removal and replacement plan in the coming years. 

The prospecting studies will be done on different lines, stations, workshops, dependencies and installations of the METRO network.

The scope of the engineering service includes:

  • Inventory of visible materials with asbestos fibers or asbestos derivatives.
  • Map of the location of the elements found, indicating their position in the GEOPORTAL information system.
  • Diagnosis of the condition of the fiber located, its age, and determination of its state of repair.
  • Preparation of the Technical Asbestos Dossier (DTA) in accordance with the French standard AFNOR X46-020 and according to the methodology proposed by the FOUNDATION FOR OCCUPATIONAL RISK PREVENTION
  • Preparation of a detailed budget with measurements for the removal and replacement of each one of the elements found, highlighting the cost of the environmental management of the removed elements. 

Asbestos is a fireproof, insulating material with a high risk to health, despite the fact that for many years it was used extensively in many prefabricated products and used in the construction sector, in transportation, and in textile protection and insulation materials. Its manufacture, sale, and use was prohibited in 2002 because it is considered a group-one carcinogen according to the World Health Organization.


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