Feasibility study, preliminary study, environmental impact study, final project design and environmental compliance report of the detailed design project for the upgrading of the Pamphilosa – Mangualde Section of the Beira Alta Railway Line (Portugal)




Detailed Project Design and Technical Assistance





Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) is making a large investment in the entire Portuguese rail network, aimed at upgrading and improving its passenger and cargo corridors. The Portuguese network has more than 2,500 km of track and more than 500 stations.

The purpose of the project is to upgrade and adapt to the interoperability criteria of the Pampilhosa -Mangualde section, which is part of the Beira Alta line, an important mixed-transit railway for both passenger and freight traffic that forms part of corridor 4 of the Atlantic, one of the principal European freight corridors in service.

The section that is the object of the contract runs between the Pampilhosa and Mangualde stations and includes more than 79 kilometers of double and single track, electrified with a 2x25 kV system and with 7 platforms and stations. The upgrade work includes the adaptation of the route to speeds of 120 km/h, stabilization and rehabilitation of the platform and embankments, drainage, rehabilitation of viaducts and tunnels, comprehensive renewal of the track, electrification, suppression of grade crossings, and remodeling of stations and platforms. 

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