Upgrade of operating, control, and security systems of the network of Metro de Madrid




Detailed design





The installations and systems of the stations of Metro de Madrid are characterized by their heterogeneity as a result of the different waves of technological innovation in recent years.

The new expectations of passengers, which were not fulfilled by the traditional operation of the service, include new innovative services to improve the travel experience (mobile commerce, entertainment, dynamic advertising, social networks, etc.), improving their experience and transforming wait times into times of entertainment and enjoyment, generating potential revenue in addition to what is generated by transport.

In this context, INSE RAIL, in collaboration with SIEMENS, is developing the Detailed Projects for the twelve existing lines of Metro de Madrid, within each one of the subsystems that make up the Passenger Information System:

  • Centralized Passenger Information System (PIS) Platform
  • Public address system.
  • Digital Sign System (Remote indicators).
  • Intercom system.
  • Video Entertainment Management Platform (CMS).

These projects are aimed at addressing the technological obsolescence of the different operating systems with smart asset management, establishing standardized open-system architectures that are modular and not dependent on technology providers, optimizing installation, operation and maintenance costs over the life of the systems, improving energy efficiency and sustainability, transferring station intelligence to control terminals, and guaranteeing the security of the services that are provided in the Stations of Metro de Madrid.

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