VIADINTEGRA: Integration of railway viaduct monitoring into the infrastructure management and maintenance system


Inse Rail


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Inse Rail participated, as part of the Research Consortium (Adif, Ineco, Prointec, Inse rail, Geocisa, Fundación Caminos del Hierro, Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Granada) and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (INNPACTO sub-program) in the VIADINTEGRA project (Integration of railway viaduct monitoring into the infrastructure management and maintenance system). The goal of the Project was to equip two railway viaducts with a smart system based on the monitoring of its structural behavior in service. The data generated by this monitoring, after processing, allows the ongoing and long-term analysis of the structural behavior of the viaducts. The work done can be extended to other railway viaducts.

The principal and general goal of this analysis is to improve the reliability and maintenance of these critical elements in railway infrastructure through continuous, accurate, and hierarchical diagnosis of their behavior that is ultimately applied in the maintenance and management of the infrastructure. In addition, the results of these analyses provide fundamental information from the technological and engineering perspectives to improve the design tools and criteria for railway viaducts.

These objectives were achieved by monitoring the following viaducts:

  • Bridge over the Guadalquivir River, located at KM 523/467 of the L/Alcázar-Sevilla. Bridge with deck on metal lattice and ashlar piers, with five spans, for a total length of 254 m.
  • Villanueva del Jalón Viaduct: located at KM 239+429 of the Madrid-Barcelona High-Speed Line. Bridge with pre-stressed concrete deck with a box cross-section and concrete piers, with six spans measuring 2 x 35 m + 4 x 45 m, for a total length of 250 m.

Inse Rail's participation in the project was focused on the development and implementation of the electrical power supply and communications systems for the instruments and monitoring of the railway viaducts.

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