17, December, 2018

The Metro de Madrid network will have USB chargers in all of its stations at the start of 2019. With this measure, Metro de Madrid fulfills its commitment to improve the travel experience and quality of its users.


Inse Rail is collaborating with Metro de Madrid taking on the functions of monitoring, inspection and quality control of the entire implementation and validation process of the chargers that is being executed throughout the network. The new chargers of Madrid’s subway will incorporate the latest fast charge technology (up to four times faster than a standard charger), with each station equipped with 4 boxes with 2 Type A female USB charging plugs each (2 boxes per platform). 


The system will be powered by the supply network of Metro de Madrid. To guarantee the safety of the devices, all of the chargers will be equipped with integrated protection that detects the lack of 5V voltage at the outlet or short-circuits, thus protecting the cable from possible current overloads. Furthermore, additional external protections have been installed outside the chargers. In stations that have vitrified panels, cables will be run internally, hiding them behind these panels, and inside steel pipes anchored to the wall in those stations that do not have vitrified panels.


These devices will also be installed progressively in the entire fleet of trains of Metro de Madrid, where free green energy generated by the braking of the trains will be used to recharge the devices.


Inse Rail is developing this project for the Energy and Signaling Engineering Service of Metro de Madrid. This close collaboration also includes the projects executed for the Installations, Control and Telecommunications Engineering Service.

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