20, October, 2018

Inse Rail, as part of a joint venture with the company Curva Ingenieros, carried out the control of railway traffic safety and quality control in the works on the track platform between the San Nicasio and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos stations for Metro de Madrid.


The actions carried out will make it possible to improve the capacity and the speed at which the trains travel.

During the works, a comprehensive action was carried out that included the repair of the concrete platform with injections and transversal trenches, in addition to the repair of the central and transversal channels. In addition, the elastic anchors were replaced with direct anchor plates. 

This work continued the actions that were carried out in 2012 without affecting service, and which were in response to the detection of certain deficiencies in the track platform. Thanks to these renovations, Metro will increase the speed at which trains travel on this section, giving the service greater reliability and reducing incidents on the line. 

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