18, September, 2018

Inse Rail recently joined the Competitiveness Committee of MAFEX, the Spanish Railway Association, which it joined in 2017. The objectives of the Competitiveness Committee are to analyze and share strategic information regarding the sector among the associated members (reports, business opportunities, collaboration, trends in technology and innovation, etc.), as well as the establishment of a competition monitoring service.


With its presence on the Competitiveness Committee, Inse Rail is taking part in a new forum for sharing experiences, analysis and knowledge with some of the leading Spanish companies in the industry. A new action that strengthens the line of collaborative innovation according to the Strategic Innovation Plan 2018-2020.


MAFEX, as an association that represents the Spanish railway industry, brings together 86 members who account for more than 75% of the total railway exports in Spain, and its members participate in the search for synergies when proposing coordinated actions and services. 

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