14, June, 2018

Adif has commenced the works on the communications, safety and energy installations and the implementation of fixed and GSM-R mobile communications on the Humanes-Monfragüe section, 229.6 kilometers long, which is part of the Madrid - Valencia de Alcántara conventional gage line, as it passes through the Region of Madrid and the provinces of Toledo and Cáceres.


The implementation of new traffic regulation and control systems will make it possible to improve train movements significantly by eliminating the existing telephone blocks, which will increase the reliability of the infrastructure and the quality of service on the line, which will be able to be connected to the Madrid - Extremadura High Speed Line.


Improvement of communications between Humanes and Monfragüe

The upgrading of the signaling and communications on the Humanes-Monfragüe section (see news 27 June 2016 and 03 Nov. 2016), with an investment of 54 million euros, includes the drafting of the projects, the execution of the works and maintenance of the installations. In addition to this amount is the contract for EUR 1,058,762 awarded recently to Inse Rail for technical assistance work to monitor and control the works.


The scope of the project includes actions on the safety installations, train protection systems, fixed-line telecommunications, mobile telecommunications, Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), auxiliary detection systems, energy supply, civil works for technical and auxiliary buildings, as well as testing and commissioning.


Among other elements that are planned, new electronic interlockings will be installed, as well as different auxiliary equipment in stations and along the length of the track; fibre-optic transmission networks and base stations for fixed and mobile telecommunications; transformer substations and cables for the supply of electrical power to the installations.


There are also plans to integrate the line into the CTC system to automate the regulation and supervision of train traffic, as well as the execution of the civil works required to integrate the new equipment into the infrastructure and position technical shelters, among others.

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