20, April, 2018

The Railway Innovation Hub Spain is an alliance of Spanish companies with the two-fold objective of being a world leader in railway innovation and serving as a meeting point to address needs and exchange railway knowledge at the international level.


This initiative is based on a private and self-sustaining management model, with headquarters in Adif's Railway Technology Center, located in Málaga.


Some of the main objectives of the hub are to promote technology and knowledge in the railway sector at the international level, by generating collaborative R&D projects, the commercialization of technology and know-how, entrepreneurship and acceleration, and the provision of specialized services (international events, services, and training, turnkey projects).


The Innovation Plan of the Ministry of Public Works includes initiatives that consider new models of innovation, including open innovation, which makes it possible to promote initiatives such as the creation of this railway hub, which will make it possible to strengthen the international projection of our railway ecosystem and make Spain an even more attractive location in the area of innovation.


Inse Rail, as a highly specialized engineering firm in the railway sector - specifically in railway installations and systems - and committed to innovative developments, has strengthened its role in the international railway sector by joining this initiative. The company is currently participating in high-profile railway projects around the world, such as the Makkah-Madinah high-speed line in Saudi Arabia, or the San Francisco-Los Angeles high-speed line in the United States, as well as other railway projects in Portugal, Sweden, Romania, and Turkey, among other countries.


By joining the hub, Inse Rail solidifies its commitment to innovation in the railway sector, in keeping with its Strategic Plan, which is defined around three principal courses of action: 1) Automation of Procedures; 2) Emerging technologies; y 3) Applied Engineering.


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