20, March, 2018

Inse Rail, together with the company Pfisterer, is participating in the preparation of the basic and detailed engineering projects for the installation of the catenary on the section between the cities of Yerkoi and Sivas in Turkey.


The section included in the project, with 245 km of double track and 6 stations, forms part of the High Speed Line that will connect the cities of Ankara and Sivas, with a total length of 406 km, the country's second most important line after the line that connects Istanbul and Ankara.


With this project, Inse Rail is strengthening its participation in the international development of High Speed Rail, as a leading company in electrification systems, signaling, communications, and other rail transport installations.


Other international High Speed projects on which Inse Rail is currently working include the Mecca-Medina High Speed Line and the San Francisco-Los Angeles High Speed Line. 


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