16, February, 2018

This week, Metro de Madrid awarded Inse Rail the contract to provide the technical engineering support service for the execution of the projects associated with the Station Plan 2017-2022.


Metro de Madrid is beginning a new station remodeling process for the stations that were left pending in previous phases that accompanied the extensive expansion plans carried out in 1999, 2003, and 2007.


Iconic stations such as Gran Vía, Alonso Martínez, and Méndez Álvaro will be included in this Station Plan, which includes the remodeling of a total of 23 railway stations during the period in question, with the objective not only of reforming the stations in terms of aesthetics and civil works, but also to remodel the systems and installations that provide service and that need to be replaced or upgraded due to technological obsolescence, such as the fire protection systems, vertical transport, station control, passenger information, transport networks, telephony, ventilation, HVAC, and energy.

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