06, December, 2017

Today the Region of Madrid was awarded the second award for ‘Demarcation of Madrid for the Best Public Works Project 2017’, given by the Demarcation of Madrid of the Professional Association of Civil Engineers, in recognition of the work done by Metro de Madrid during the works to upgrade and remodel line 1 of the Metro. 


Inse Rail, is one of the collaborators of Metro de Madrid that participated in this emblematic project, providing Technical Assistance to the Project Management (Metro de Madrid) for the implementation of rigid catenary and actions associated with tunnel consolidation.


The Regional Minister of Transportation, Housing, and Infrastructure of the Region of Madrid, Rosalía Gonzalo, in her acceptance of the award at a ceremony held in the Casa de America, highlighted ‘the significant technical and logistical challenges that [the works] posed for Metro de Madrid and the enormous efforts of more than 500 professionals of the suburban transport system and its collaborators, who worked in shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to meet the established deadlines’. 

The works on line 1 consisted of the waterproofing and consolidation of the oldest tunnel in the Metro de Madrid network (opened on 17 October 1919), which was reinforced with cement injection and special shotcrete application over metal support mesh.


In order to execute the work, all of the tunnel installations were first completely disassembled and the linings were carefully cleaned, including the chipping of the surface layer of the tunnel walls to remove deteriorated and degraded tunnel lining.


The tramway catenary was also replaced with rigid catenary, which is a system for transmitting electricity to trains that provides increased reliability, availability, and requires less maintenance. The new system is designed to operate at both 1,500 volts as well as the current 600 volts, which will allow the train capacity on the line to be increased and will reduce energy losses in the future.


A TETRA digital radio system was also implemented to provide the communications structure for the tunnels, stations, trains, and security. This system is used for communications for critical and emergency services, and it allows user groups on private networks, independent from the public networks.


All of the tunnel lighting was also improved, complementing the existing lighting with an emergency lighting system and an additional support lighting system, in addition to the upgrading of the signals.

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