30, October, 2017

IP (Infraestructuras de Portugal) has awarded Inse Rail part of two contracts in Portugal in consortium with two Portuguese companies. The first contract is to provide the supervision of the installation of the GSM-R radio system in the sections between the towns of Vendas Novas-Évora and Castelo Branco-Covilhá. Under the second contract, Inse Rail will supervise the electrification of the access line to the Vale Tejo terminal, corresponding to the North line between the Entrocamento Station and Riachos Station.


These two contracts strengthen Inse Rail’s presence in Portugal, where it has been working since 2016 on the upgrade and adaptation to interoperability criteria of the section of the railway network between Pamphilosa–Mangualde, part of the Beira Alta line, with the adaptation of the section to speeds of 120 km/h, stabilization and repair of the platform and embankments, drainage, rehabilitation of viaducts and tunnels, comprehensive overhaul of the track, electrification, suppression of level crossings, remodeling of stations and platforms.

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