21, June, 2017

On June 2nd, Inse Rail and Telice signed the financing for the HAMMER research and innovation project with the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), with the goal of creating and developing a prototype for tracking railway infrastructure based on its dynamic response.


To develop the project, which is planned to run for two years, the two Spanish companies will receive support from the Caminos del Hierro Foundation, whose basic purpose is to develop and apply new technological resources in railway systems, and the US company ANCO, which offers innovative testing and service systems for strength and vibration testing of materials, equipment, products, and structures.


The HAMMER project will develop an exciter system to induce vibration in railway bridges, which will make it possible to apply a series of techniques to analyze the dynamic behavior of railway bridges, while at the same time overcoming many of the limitations and drawbacks of the methods that are currently available. From the technical point of view, the idea is to manufacture the first prototype of a system to improve the safety, functionality, and understanding of the evolution of railway bridges over time (upkeep), based on the application of experimental analysis technologies that are better than the ones that are currently used in the railway sector.


With this project, Inse Rail intensifies its determined efforts to promote innovation and development in the railway sector, allowing it to respond better to the needs and technical challenges of its activities. 

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