18, May, 2017

Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Cataluña (FGC) and the specialized engineering firm Inse Rail have signed a collaboration agreement for the commercialization and execution of international railway projects for two years, with the possibility to extend the agreement.

The objectives of this agreement are to prepare basic and construction projects for railway systems and lines of intercity, regional, and commuter rail systems; direct works and offer technical assistance for these lines, and carry out technical studies and specialized consulting work in the railway sector. Specifically, FGC will carry out the operation and maintenance tasks of railway networks, while INSE RAIL will contribute its knowledge of railway systems.

This agreement was created with the goal of providing services and expanding the scope of operation at the international level. Some countries in which opportunities have already been detected are the United States, Sweden, Romania, the Maghreb, part of Latin America, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East, but the areas of action will change as new opportunities arise.

FGC, international reference
With the signing of this agreement, FGC takes another step forward in its international expansion. In recent years, FGC Internacional has intensified its activity in countries such as Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, Turkey, Cuba, Colombia, and Mexico, collaborating with institutions in these countries to implement initiatives related to construction projects, management of railway service operations, and improvement in the areas of technology, safety, and sustainability. Ferrocarriles is also participating in three projects in the European Union's H2020 program in the area of smart and green transportation: Hermes, Auggmed and Eutravel.

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