INSE RAIL was created in 1994 with an innovative drive that is still present in the directives from the Department of Innovation, as the basis for the added value that it offers its clients:


Strategic Innovation Plan 2017-2019. Innovation projects in 3 defined strategic lines:


  • 1. Process automation
  • 2. Emerging technologies
  • 3. Applied engineering


Open Innovation.

Ecosystem constantly searching for common spaces for co-creation with clients and partners.



Publicizing innovative products/services by proactive participation in forums, congresses, publications, etc.



Commercialization of innovative products/services in the initial phase of their launch onto the market.



Crecimiento sostenido y sostenible gracias a que los productos/servicios se integran en el core business del negocio cuando finalizan.


Railway Innovation Hub.

Since February 2018, INSE RAIL has formed part of the Railway Innovation Hub promoted by the Ministry of Public Works.


Innovative SME Seal. Granted by the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.


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