Railway Systems

Railway Systems

High Speed Lines - Metro and Tramways - Conventional Lines - Cargo Lines


High and medium voltage lines

Low-voltage power supply

Catenary for high speed lines

Catenary for conventional and tram lines

Rigid and retractable catenary

Third rail

Traction substations and associated components

Autotransformation centers

Signaling and Safety

Interlocking systems

Train protection (ERTMS / ETCS / ASFA)

Remote control and CTC / CRC

Route blocking systems

Track circuits, axle counters and trackside signaling

Power supply and cable networks

Automatic driving: ATP/ATO and CBTC

Auxiliary detection systems


Cable networks and structured cabling system

Landline voice and data telecommunications

Mobile telecommunications

Security (CCTV, access control and intrusion)

Automation and control

Passenger information system

Remote control and centralized control

Infrastructure and railway building 

Bridges and viaducts


Level crossings





Workshops and depots

Associated systems

Electrical installations and lighting

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Water supply and sewage


Escalators and lifts

Gas source

Security (access control, CCTV and intrusion)

Fire protection systems

Security in tunnels

Simulation of railway networks

Simulation of the railwais line capacity

Electrical and mechanical sizing

Short-circuit analysis on railway lines

Energy efficiency

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Harmonic emissions and limitation of contact voltage

Pantograph-catenary interaction

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